The Perfect Balance of Sweetness

By Leslie Birnbaum

With all the Easter candy around me today, it sure is reminding me that there’s not much more that gives me complete happiness than a bite of chocolate. I can be as tired as can be, but after a little chocolate indulgence - I am ready to go again.

As a dancer, maintaining your energy is an absolute must in order to withstand hours of classes and rehearsals. As an energy boost, the sugar you put into your body definitely counts for something! However, it is important to find that sweet balance.

When you restrict your sugar intake to extremes, you simply won't have any fun. But if you go overboard with your indulgence, particularly of white sugar, you will fall fast. So my recommendation for achieving that healthy sugar high? Keep it moving between a good balance of natural, local honey and dark sugars. Also, give yourself a designated day to splurge - it makes it all the sweeter and makes it easy to keep yourself on track.  

So which day will be your sweet treat day? Perhaps after dance class? :)

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