Lessons in Dance Passed from Mother to Daughters

By Joan Chiang Paulin (@joanchiang1103)
Growing up in Hong Kong, I remember rushing from school to my dance studio was always a whirlwind event. My friends and I would change from our school uniforms into our leotards and tights and tie our hair in a bun, all in a short car ride's time. We were always rushing! Learning to get dressed without undressing was a big trick I learned to master. 
Now that my two girls are in kindergarten and 2nd grade, I still feel that same rush as a parent. Having learned from my own experience, I make sure they put on their cute leotards or bikertards before we head out, especially when we don't have time to go home and change before dance class. They get to pick what to go with the dancewear on their own and believe me, they have lots of opinions! But one thing is for sure - no more wrestling with clothing in the car. To have that extra 5-10 minute means everything to me these days. 
When I was their age, all I could dream of was to be a ballerina, but my girls seem to want it all. They want to learn gymnastic one minute, play the guitar next, and then the next second want to play soccer! But whenever they put on their outfits from Little Dancer, their inner dancers shine through... Don't we all love how the right clothing can make us feel our best? :)
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